Donate to the Friends


Without its friends, without its partners, without its volunteers, the Heinz Refuge would be a mere shadow of its conservation-focused, educational, and just-plain-fun self. We invite you to join hundreds of your neighbors whose contributions each year help to make the refuge all it can be.


Your donations of cash, goods, or services help the refuge staff and FOHR thrive as environmental leaders, and help us make the refuge become a strong member of local and regional communities. There are several ways in which you can make donations. Donations to the general fund help us:

  • Supplement the Heinz Refuge's Environmental Education program;

  • Provide funding for interns;

  • Qualify for grant opportunities;

  • Subsidize the Photo Group's educational programs both on and off the refuge;

  • Plan for, implement, and restore native species habitats; and

  • Establish a "Busing Fund" to facilitate student field trips to the refuge.

Should you choose to remember FOHR in your will or in a trust, we should be named as follows:


"The Friends of the Heinz Refuge at Tinicum, a nonprofit institution, incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and with business address of 8601 Lindbergh Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19153."


Donations of goods and services are always appreciated and help FOHR keep organizational expenses to a minimum, thus freeing up more funds for use in key refuge programs and projects. The following volunteer openings, once filled, will expand the useful focus of FOHR's work on behalf of refuge wildlife, our visitors, and our educational programs:

  • A Master Gardener could help us plan and implement a site-specific model native species habitat/garden suitable for adaptation to home gardens;

  • A qualified auditor could help reduce our expenses for annual reports;

  • A computer programmer is needed to design a children's educational page for our website and related items for our nature store (featuring our very own groundhogs, "Tinicum Tim," his wife "Tinicum Tina," and their children, "The Tinicum Twins."

  • Donations of lumber, gravel, and native plants will help us to maintain photo blinds, benches, and trails, and to expand our efforts to restore wildlife habitat.

PO Box 333. Folcroft PA 19032-0333. (215) 365-3118. Email: